Seafood Industrial Park - Pier and Mooring Dolphin Repairs

Timber Fendering, Pile Driving, Concrete Repairs, CIP Concrete

Virginia Beach Concrete Repairs IDIQ

CIP Concrete, Spall Repair, Epoxy Injection, Joint Sealing

Pipeline and Structural Repairs at Water Crossings - Newport News, VA

PCCP Pipe, SWPP Plan, Pile Caps with BearingAssemblies, Spall Repair, Pile Driving, CIP Concrete,

Epoxy Injection, Pile Jacketing, Sliplining

Algonquin and Meadowbrook Bridge Repairs - City of Norfolk

R/R Bridge Railing, Install Underdeck Sanitary Sewer, E&S Controls, SWPP Plan, Spall Repairs, Crack Injection, Waterproofing, Joint Repairs

D45 - Bridge over Nuby Run

Install New Precast Deck Slab Bridge on Concrete Pilings, Cofferdam, SWPP Plan

A03 - Pile Jacketing and Substructure Repairs Rte. 156

Pile Jacketing, SWPP Plan, Shotcrete, Epoxy Injection, Waterproofing