T. J. Crooks, Inc. 
Marine & Concrete Construction





T. J. Crooks, Inc. is an equal opportunity employer and is committed to an active non-discrimination program.  It is the stated policy of the employer that all employees and applicants shall receive equal consideration and treatment.  All recruitments, hirings, placements and all other personal actions will be on the basis of qualifications of the individual for the positions being filled regardless of race, color, religion, ancestry, national origin, age, sex, marital status, medical condition or physical handicap. 


The objective of this non-discrimination program is, whenever possible, to actively recruit and include for consideration for employment members of minority groups, veterans, females and physically handicapped.


All decisions on employment are made solely on individuals’ qualifications and bona fide occupational qualifications for the job in question and the feasibility of any necessary job accommodations.

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